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Unlimited free ink

Welcome to Free Ink Shop. Get the freedom to print as much as you want when you subscribe to our cartridge Club. We give you a brand new printer and unlimited free ink for only £9.99 per month.

You can choose between a wired or wireless multifunction printer and whether you want to pay monthly or annually. If you choose the wireless printer option, not only can you print from anywhere in your home, you can also print photos instantly from your iPhone or android device without any wires!

Once you have subscribed and received your brand new printer you can print as much as you like. And when your cartridges are empty simply pop them into the freepost envelopes provided and post them back to freeinkshop. We will then refill them and return them to you in only 48 hours. Alternatively, you can drop into our recycling centre and we will refill them for you straight away. Because you get unlimited free ink, you can refill your cartridges as often as you like.

Free ink shop is for busy people who want to reduce their impact on the earth's resources and save cash. Refilling is the most environmentally safe method to print, you are preventing the empty ink cartridge which is made from plastic from entering landfill sites. So you can thank us for saving you money and a big thank you from us for SAVING THE PLANET!

Donate Your Unwanted ink

As part of our mission to prevent unwanted ink entering the landfill sites, we will collect your ink and toner cartridges. We don’t mind if they are empty, box damaged or just sealed and unwanted. Our charity recycling department with revive them or find a home for them. Your unwanted inks will be given free of charge to people who need them. Therefore, we can stop them being wasted and put them to good use. You can drop the inks off at our recycling centre or just post them across.